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05 February 2008 @ 05:46 pm
Bedtime Story for Drivers  
Once upon a time, eight men sat around a table brainstorming ideas. These eight men had only two things in common: first, they all drove frequently; second, they all had fancy pieces of paper hanging on their walls that said "Engineering Degree." The eight men were frustrated because it seemed that they were making too many stops along their drives, which caused their driving time to increase even more.

Therefore, these men with pieces of paper that said "Engineering Degree" on them came up with a system. The new system was a roadway that had no stop signs, no stop lights, and no intersections. It allowed for high-speed travel from point A to point B. Today, we call these roads freeways.

One quiet young man in the back, however, encountered a problem with the brilliant system the other men had developed. He noticed that, without intersections, there would be no way to get on or off the road. "What good is a road," he said to the other men, "if there isn't anyway to get too it?"

"Ah, good point!" the other seven men exclaimed.

So they developed these fancy roadways that connected the regular roadways to the freeways. They changed elevation as they went from one road to another, and eventually stretched out next the freeway until they began to merge into one. Today, we call these on-ramps.

The system was pure genius! Drivers who wished to use the freeway would then turn onto the on-ramps, drive along them for a while, and merge into a gap into traffic as the on-ramp ended. This way, nobody had to stop or even slow down -- the new car would just merge in with the rest. Pure genius!

Unfortunately, not everybody today seems to grasp this concept.

The point of a freeway is to gain speed so that you can merge seamlessly in with the rest of the traffic. If traffic on the freeway is going 55mph and you attempt to merge going 40mph, THE SYSTEM FAILS. This causes other drivers to slow down for you, which defeats the point of driving on a freeway.

In conclusion: the eight men with papers that said "Engineering Degree" took a lot of time out of their busy schedules to develop the freeway system. Use it. Get up to speed on the on-ramps, that's what they're there for.
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Andy Helms: Julia Hoffman IIIthenunownedgoat on February 6th, 2008 08:21 pm (UTC)
lol, thanks. I wrote it myself after coming home frustrated again because people can't seem to grasp the concept.