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01 January 2010 @ 01:18 am
Andy's Top Five Favorite TV Shows  
Welcome to 2010!  It is the New Year's holiday.  This holiday, like Independence Day, is defined by SyFy's The Twilight Zone marathon, which typically runs all day on the 31st and the 1st.  I love this show, and so I naturally love the marathon.  I would say that my New Year's holiday is literally defined by this marathon.  Besides the Independence Day marathon, I probably watch the most television on these two days of the year.  Anyways, Erin and I were talking about this today, which led to a discussion on my favorite television shows of all time.  Here's my top five list.

1. Dark Shadows
A soap opera from the 1960's really is first on my list.  I love this show, featuring the crazy Collins family - including witches, werewolves, and the famous Barnabas Collins... who is a vampire.  I think Dark Shadows is where my first love for vampires came from.  I've been watching the series on DVDs, which I've steadily been borrowing from my library for years now.  It was a relatively short lived (and very unique) soap opera - only about five years - and so I should be finishing the series soon.

2. The Twilight Zone
The Twilight Zone is how the list got started.  I love this show.  The episodes provide entertainment, but they're also insightful and interesting when you start to think about the messages behind them.  For example, in my favorite episode - The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street - we see an "average American street," immediately before and during a power outage.  When some neighbors cars, appliances, lights, etc. turn on but others don't, people get panicky.  A kid on the street suggests that one of the families are monsters, sent ahead to get information before all the monsters come.  Paranoia ensures, and the neighbors kill off each other.  The viewers find off that there really are monsters (actually aliens), but none on the street.  They are patiently waiting for this to happen so they can slowly take over the globe.  Fascinating.

3. Alias
This is my most modern television show on the list.  People everywhere love Alias.  I'm not talking about casual fans.  Everyone who has watched it always tells me how much they love Alias.  I am one of those people.  Of course, this show is what started my long and still-going love affair with my celebrity girlfriend, Jennifer Garner.  But besides that, the show was great... excellent storylines, intricate back stories, and kick-ass action.  You didn't watch Alias and start getting sleepy - this show woke you up.  It was intense.  It was also famous for killer cliff-hangers.  Viewers often didn't know if their characters were going to live episode to episode.  Even worse was when we didn't know if our characters were going to live season to season.  The episodes almost always ended with intense scenes where something huge was revealed.

4. I Love Lucy
Classic comedy!  The Lucy Show, Ball's follow-up to I Love Lucy, was also great, but I haven't seen all of those episodes like I have with I Love Lucy.  It's so funny, and has total rewatchability.  I've seen some I Love Lucy episodes that I can speak the lines along with the actors, but they never get old.  The episodes are always funny.  Back in the day, TV Land hosted special weekend long marathons with classic television shows.  My mom taped some of the episodes from the I Love Lucy marathon on VHS and I still have those tapes.  I watched them so much that I still remember some of the commercials they played that weekend... there were a lot of music complication CDs advertised back then.

5. Gilligan's Island
More classic comedy!  What can I say?  Gilligan's Island is hilarious too.  I've always enjoyed watching reruns of this show as well.  When I was younger, I think I genuinely cared about the characters on the island.  I always admired the Professor and wanted to be like him.  Even then, I paired the characters off - Gilligan with Ginger, and the Professor with Mary Ann.  Gilligan's Island shipping!  This was just a funny show.  It also has a great theme song which I can sing along too easily.
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